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Hi Guys,

I am new to blogging and i have decided to blog in hopes it will help me to let go of the past. Letting go is hard but it never does anyone any good to hold on to it, whats done is done, iv heard writing things down helps you to get things out of your system so thats what i hope to achieve, that way i can look forward to the future more and what that holds for me.
I know there might be a few people who might think i am writing for attention and that is not the case. There are too many people who are to quick to judge others now a days, but maybe some of things things i write might also inspire others and maybe even help them if they are struggling through the same situations.

Think of it like this – if no-one had any wild adventures or mishaps or travels or escapades then there would be no books or films or stories…its the stuff of life!

I originally wanted to write a book about my life as a seasonaire, its not as glamorous as everyone thinks, but i wanted to open peoples eyes to the truths, however i quickly discovered writing a book is not as easy as it sounds, so i decided to start a blog…
I am still currently working in the alps during the winter but i am no longer working in Greece during the summer instead i watch a lot of Netflix so you will also find my thoughts on the latest series reviews and whether or not they are worth watching.

I have discovered a few new hobbies i like to do which include, snow boarding, kite surfing, water skiing, mountain bike riding, running and horse riding.

Feel free to check out my Facebook and Instagram, for photos and a chat if you like 🙂

Cant decide whether to get an Iphone or Android?

Cant decide whether to get an Iphone or Android?

This is one of the hardest questions we face now a days.

Let me tell you about my new discovery phone.

Its called Oppo, Its not very well known yet and it originates from China. Some of you might or might not be aware that China, i wouldn’t want to say the word hate but they very much dislike the Iphone now, as Iphone are making more and more phones that tend to break easily and its not included under your warranty (they are a very clever and cunning company)

Going back to the first Iphone, people soon realised that the screen can be easily broken and Iphone charge £30 (Around £130 without warranty) to get this fixed, however if you choose to fix your screen at a different phone shop for a cheaper price this will void the warranty from Apple for your phone altogether. Also did you know that if your device is scratched this is classed as a cosmetic damage, and therefore voids the warranty on your phone. They have even included things like smoking around your Apple computer\laptop will void the warranty. Theres loads more but i’m sure you can google the rest. If you ask me this seems ridiculous. After finding this out i’m struggling to think why do Iphone have so many returning customers? Well the answer is, the layout of the phone is simple and easy to use and they look great.

Samsung have caught on to the concept that great looking phones sell. They have recently started making phones that look similar to the Iphone (obvious difference being the shape of the home button) and the layout is very similar too.

maxresdefault (1)

< Samsung on the left, Iphone on the right >

You can even play around with the widgets on the Samsung to make it look very similar to the Iphone layout.

maxresdefault (2)

As you can see the app layout looks more or less the same.

However with Iphone being such a big hit, other phone manufactures have decided to make phones that don’t last longer then 2 years without getting technical faults, forcing you to buy the newest version. Very clever indeed.

What i really wanted to talk about was this new Oppo phone.

I recently discovered it after my Samsung broke with technical errors (didn’t even last 2 years) A friend of mine is working in China and noticed a new phone everyone seems to be going crazy over and decided to check it out in the shops.
The lady in the shop shown him around the phones and then got out her keys to scratch the screen and a hammer to smash it, not even a tiny scratch. There are plenty of youtube videos demonstrating this.

youtube vid- maxresdefault (3)

Now I wouldn’t go straight out to buy one of these phones to test it just incase, but if this is how they are advertising theses phones in the shops of China then it does get you thinking. The screens are made from gorilla glass which is the strongest glass a phone can be made from making you worry less about dropping it.

Most phones now a days even second hand phones cost around £300 and up. I couldn’t afford that, I stumbled across an Oppo F1s at £220 including post and packaging which i thought was a good price for a new phone. Having researched it a lot i decided to put in an order. – This was the website i used for most of my research.

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 11.54.04Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 11.54.20Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 11.54.32Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 11.54.52Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 11.55.04

As you can see these phones are good looking and look very much like a Iphone/Samsung hybrid. Most of the phones also look very similar to each other and you will see they all have pretty much the same features so no matter what your budget you will be happy.

The slideshow contains some of the stats i researched in the Oppo F1s. The Oppo F1s is one of the older phones in this make as it was the phone i could afford in my budget, however the newest Oppo A71 does look like the next best thing in phone technology.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I finally received mine in the mail and upon opening, i noticed the phone is bigger then i expected they also do an F1 plus so god knows how big that one is. Its a good size and the screen quality is great, exactly like my Samsung galaxy s6.

The phone even comes with its own rubber case that fits on the back to help protect the back from any scratches which i thought was great 🙂

Here is my pros and cons list-


  • Super fast finger scanner to unlock the phone.
  • Very clear and bright screen. There is even an option to protect your eyes from the screen, if you choose this option it changes the colour and brightness to protect your eyes from over straining.
  • Very fast response.
  • Feathers it own theme store, to change the look on your phone.
  • It has a gestures option, this allows you to unlock your phone to certain app, example if you draw a O shape on your locked black screen it will bring up the camera and if you draw a V shape on the locked black screen it will turn on the flashlight, you can even add your own gestures.
  • Full battery charge lasts all day if constantly playing on games but if not i have noticed my battery lasts 3 days.
  • Amazing front and back facing cameras in both good and dark lighting.
  • It allows 2 Sim cards and a Micro SD card for more storage.


  • Battery does take around 2 hours to fully charge (but if it lasts 3 days who can complain at that)
  • Speakers on the phone is poor quality when playing music or videos.
  • Torch isn’t very bright but there are apps to help with that.

Thats all i can find up to now. As you can probably tell i really do like this phone 🙂 It might not be well known worldwide yet, but i can see it soon becoming the next best phone. I would recommend this phone to anyone who is stuck for choice over the big old Iphone to Android debate. However once this phone gets noticed i’m sure they will be upping the resale price, like everything.


I hope you enjoyed reading my review of the Oppo F1s, if you have any comments, questions or you have an Oppo phone yourself i would be very interested to hear your thoughts 🙂



The Diary of a Seasonaire – Part 4

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 15.35.48

Let your dreams take flight


Have you always dreamed of a better lifestyle? do you get bored of doing the same job day in and day out? The great thing about working as a Seasonaire is you have a new job, in a new country on a new adventure every 6 months, How can you get bored of that?

A few days before my flight i had to go out and get a few supplies for my new job role. I needed plain black trainers, black work trousers, pens, notepad and a bottle opener\bar blade. While shopping and packing you start to think ‘what the hell do i need and pack for a 6 month trip’? But little did i know that packing was the easy part.

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Long journey to a new adventure

Turns out my flight to Lemnos- Greece was from Gatwick in London (Most seasonal companies pay for and arrange all the flights for you, although this is great! you don’t get much say in which airport you fly from) I looked at train journeys and fairs and soon realised just how expensive it is. It was around £100 for a single fare from Manchester, with a stop of in London Victoria and a 40 minuet difference to the next train. Not really knowing my way around London i didn’t want to risk getting lost, missing my train and flight and therefore missing out on a experience of a lifetime. I decided to look at coach journeys instead as it would be less stressful. The coach from Manchester to Gatwick was only £40. Great! however the journey time was 8 hours with an hour stop over at Birmingham. I decided this was the better option and booked it.

I didn’t sleep all night the day before my flight, my brain was thinking about everything, i’m sure you have all been there, I just couldn’t switch off. My coach was at 8pm and saying goodbye to my mum was really hard. I got a taxi to the coach station and waited, and waited and waited, the coach was delayed! Argghhh…. What if i miss my second coach from Birmingham? I rang the customer services at National Express and told them about my situation, they said there was nothing they could do. Oh crap. Finally the coached turned up a whole hour later. As you can probably imagine i was panicking. Luckily my phone call had actually made a difference, turns out the people i spoke to arranged for the coach to miss some stops to stay on schedule, i have no idea what happened to the people at the other stops but we arrived near enough on time with 40 minutes to spare, phew..  As i waited in Birmingham i remember the coach station being full of drunks and thinking ‘ooo god i hope this coach arrives early’ it didn’t, it arrived just in time as a fight started to break out. Finally i can get some sleep on this coach as Gatwick was the last stop. Nope.. the coach was so cold and uncomfortable i couldn’t sleep 😦  Not the best of starts…

I finally arrived at the airport at 5am.

taxi-bournemouth-gatwickI was super nervous as i had never been to Gatwick before and i was doing this alone. I enter the terminal and i have no idea where to go, there was no one around wearing the companies uniform. I could feel my nerves building up, i decided to head to WeatherSpoons for some breakfast and a well needed coffee or 2. I stayed here until 7am then decided to wander to the check in desk. This time there were signs and people so i knew i was in the right place. Everyone seemed to know each other, i felt so out of place. While i was waiting to check in my bag, i tried engaging in conversation with some people in the line but they didn’t seem interested and continued to chat amongst themselves. I checked in my bag and headed towards the main terminal waiting lounge, i was all alone and felt totally lost and i started thinking to myself  ‘what am i doing? This is all a big mistake, is it too late to turn back?’

Im not going to say much about my airport experience as its quite boring, you know what its like waiting for a flight, its mind numbing.

Eventually we are boarding the plane, I take my seat. People start to arrive and there is cheering from different groups, it was a big reunion for most of the people on the flight all on their way to the same place as me. Loads of people standing up to hug each other, everyone very excited and happy to be reunited, after how long i don’t know.  Its hard to describe to you how i felt, i felt like a fly on the wall just watching everything, totally lost in myself and slightly scared to be honest. This was my first flight alone, and unless you have been there you wont truly understand the feeling, but with this added pressure of being the only one not to know anyone just made things worse for me.

A girl came and sat next to me her name was Bobby, everyone seemed to know her too. We got chatting and it turns out this was her 3rd summer season. She was really nice to me and told me i had nothing to worry about as there will be plenty of other people in the same boat as me when we arrive into resort. Everyone on that plane had been in the same position at some point. This made me feel better and just having someone to talk to calmed my nerves.

The flight to Lemnos – Greece took around 3hours 45minuets.

Map of Lemnos
Lemnos airport

We arrived to this very small airport that seemed to be in the middle of nowhere. As i departed the plane i remember being hit by the heat, it felt sooo nice and thats when i started to think ‘This isn’t so bad’ The airport patrol herded us all onto a coach and we drove like 2 minuets to the terminal which i thought was pointless as we could have easily walked, the airports are completely dead at the beginning of the season with no one but staff around. I walk into the building and there is just a baggage claim belt right there and then the exit thats how small the airport actually was, it didn’t take long to get my suitcase.

As i wondered outside i was greeted by that seasons staff and shown to the coach. The coach transfer time is only 30 minuets so its not so bad, i’m tired of sitting down all the time. All in all it took me around 17 and a half hours to reach my new job.

Finally we arrived at the Hotel resort (Portomyrina Palace), i would be working at for the next 6 months. I was amazed at the view, as we went over the hill you can see the whole hotel it is huge, with the sea in the distance, it was totally breath taking. Its a shame at the time i didn’t appreciate it as much as i should have because of how tired i was but i realised what it must feel like for the guests getting their first look at their hotel as they arrive on holiday 🙂

It was by far one of the best hotels i have ever been to and i was lucky enough to be working here 🙂 I couldn’t believe it.
Although i was absolutely exhausted it was all worth it in the end.

We all arrived into the grand reception area and went through a checking in process as we will be staying in the hotel for 2 weeks during our training.  I had no idea who i would be rooming with during this time but i was soon to find out…

To be continued… 



Weird fact if the day #3

Did you know:

The ‘Keep calm and carry on‘ slogan was originally dreamt up as a way of preserving moral in the event of a Nazi invasion on Britain.

I didn’t know that but now that i do it has given me a whole new perspective and a whole new meaning to that slogan.

En Francais –

Le slogan «Keep calm and carry on» a d’abord été inventé comme moyen de préserver la morale en cas d’invasion nazie sur la Grande-Bretagne.

The Diary of a Seasonaire – Part 3

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 15.35.48

The Interview


Its the day of my interview and i am super nervous, I am wearing smart black suit trousers with matt black 2 inch heals, a white shirt with a black waist coat and all natural makeup. It took me ages to shop for these type of clothes, i have never looked so smart in my life. I take with me a black handbag and its contents consist of a note pad, 2 pens, an apple, my purse and phone (on silent obviously) and a metal panel with some custom work i had done at college (all will be explained later) I order a taxi to the hotel where the interview is being held, and before i walk through the door my heart is beating super fast!

I am greeted by a receptionist who hands me a name badge and points me in the right direction of where i need to go. The corridors are like mazes and i’m afraid of getting lost. Eventually i walk into this large lounge area, it has a huge pendulum in the middle of the ceiling, and then i look around me and its full of people. Maybe about 200 in total.

I start to feel a bit stupid as i feel overdressed, it seems i am the only one who made a huge effort on my appearance. We were all standing around for about 15minuets, no one was talking, and i soon realised everyone was just as nervous as myself. Eventually a man and woman walk in wearing the uniform of the company we have all applied for. Because its a summer season job we are interviewing for they split us up into groups of job titles. Beach team – everyone thats applied to teach Sailing, wind surfing, water skiing and wake boarding. Next we had the Active team – Bike guides, Fitness instructors, life guards, kids club nannies and entertainers. Then we have the Hospitality team – Bar tenders, chefs and waiting staff. This is the group i was put into as i had applied for a bartender position. I didn’t realise how many jobs there were.

There was about 60 people in my group and we all got herded into this little conference room. At the front of the room there was a huge projector with a slideshow presentation telling us all about the company we were applying for and what its like to work for them. We had 2 hosts who seemed quite nice. Again everyone was super nervous and not talking to anyone and to make matters worse the hosts informed us that only half the people will get a job as theres only about 30 job positions available. We all got told prior to the interview to bring something of worth and meaning in with us as we would have to present it to the group.  This was the first icebreaker. We had to stand up say our name, and interesting fact about ourselves and then present our item. A lot of people obviously didn’t make any effort and just used their phones saying its very important to them, however like i mentioned in my bag contents i brought a A4 sized metal panel with some custom work on it. In college i did custom car mechanics that consisted of panel beating, fixing damaged paintwork, scratches and dents and in my 3rd year we got to play around with some airbrushing, pin striping and custom work.

Hi my names Amy, I am 26 years old. My interesting fact is – I like to be different from the crowd. For example, when everyone in school was going to study hair and beauty at college i decided to study car mechanics but the body paint and refinishing side as i have a passion for art, but want to express this in a different way rather then your bog standard pen to paper, this brings me to the item i have brought along with me today.

4894_218699485528_2121185_nIts important to me because it consists of my favourite movies and my favourite band (at the time) combined into one piece. I had also put a lot of time, effort and planning into this piece, and i was very passionate about my college work. I also waited for hours after attending a Wednesday 13 gig to get it signed by the band 🙂 I am quite proud of what i achieved hence why i brought it as my presentation, Thank you’

I cant even begin to tell you how nervous i was, standing up and public speaking to a group of strangers all competing for a job, but i knew thats what the company was looking for so i couldn’t let my nervousness show. Next up they had us perform some group exercises to get us chatting to each other. The one i remember was they gave us loads of lolly pop sicks and blue tack and we had to build the biggest tower within 10 minuets. My group didn’t win. When it came to lunch, again everyone went quiet, with me being from Manchester i knew the area so i offered to take people to a cafe close by for lunch if they liked, i think this gave of a good impression to our hosts.

After lunch we had to sit through some more presentations and some more group exercises but eventually we got to the one on one interviews. Mine was dead last as some people had flown over from Ireland and Scotland just for the interview so they had planes to catch. After watching people come and go it was 5pm by the time i had my one on one interview. There were 2 people conducting the interview and the layout was of something that looked like auditions on Britains got talent. which i thought was a bit bizarre. They asked all the standard interview questions like- what experience did i have in the job i was applying for? why do i want to work for their company? What did i know about the company? (luckily i had a look at the programme as to where they operate, so i knew the countries and resorts they were based) and they asked me some scenario questions. After they told me they will be sending out an email if i am successful with further details.

I left feeling mentally drained and tired but i felt things went well.

I waited weeks for a reply you know like you do when applying for any job constantly checking emails to the point it becomes an obsession anxiously awaiting to hear something, anything. I was on my way to work at my standard bar job in Manchester ‘same shit different day’ as the saying goes, it was my birthday and i was sat on a busy smelly bus thinking how i wish things were different, craving some sort of excitement I’m sure a lot of you can relate to. I checked my emails and was shocked to see there in my inbox the email i was waiting for. My heart skipped a beat as i opened it and began to read. 

Dear Amy, 

                   We are pleased to inform you that your interview was a success and we would like to offer you the following job role:

Bartender – Greece, Lemnos. 

Start date;  19th April 2015 – 5th October 2015

Please reply with confirmation. We will be sending out flight details a bit closer to the time.

We look forward to seeing you enjoying your summer season.

Kind regards 

Yes!!! I rang my mum and told her the good news 🙂 she was happy for me and not happy at the same time, as she knew with this job i would be working away from home for 6 months. I arrived into work and i was excited to tell my work colleagues, but it was one of the hardest things i have ever had to do, as i have mentioned in a previous blog my work colleagues were more of my family then my actual family so telling them i had a new job and handing in my notice was very difficult for me.

I had to wait 3 months for my next email including flight details, i was beginning to think they had forgotten about me.

To be continued… The Diary of a Seasonaire – Part 4


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