Hi Guys,

I am new to blogging and i have decided to blog in hopes it will help me to let go of the past. Letting go is hard but it never does anyone any good to hold on to it, whats done is done, iv heard writing things down helps you to get things out of your system so thats what i hope to achieve, that way i can look forward to the future more and what that holds for me.
I know there might be a few people who might think i am writing for attention and that is not the case. There are too many people who are to quick to judge others now a days, but maybe some of things things i write might also inspire others and maybe even help them if they are struggling through the same situations.

Think of it like this – if no-one had any wild adventures or mishaps or travels or escapades then there would be no books or films or stories…its the stuff of life!

I originally wanted to write a book about my life as a seasonaire, its not as glamorous as everyone thinks, but i wanted to open peoples eyes to the truths, however i quickly discovered writing a book is not as easy as it sounds, so i decided to start a blog…
I am still currently working in the alps during the winter but i am no longer working in Greece during the summer instead i watch a lot of Netflix so you will also find my thoughts on the latest series reviews and whether or not they are worth watching.

I have discovered a few new hobbies i like to do which include, snow boarding, kite surfing, water skiing, mountain bike riding, running and horse riding.

Feel free to check out my Facebook and Instagram, for photos and a chat if you like šŸ™‚

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