Have you ever wondered what its really like to work in a strip club? or to put it in more polite terms a ‘Gentleman’s club?’
Have you ever been to a bar that has a pole and you have gotten up to have a go probably in some drunken state? Your friends egging you on and its all fun a games. I bet you have. 

I bet you have even been to a few and i’m not just talking about guys here, a lot of girls go too because they are curious to see what the attraction is all about even though many of you would never admit it 😛

For some reason a lot of girls want to become a stripper at some point in their life’s and even fantasise about it. I’m not sure why maybe because when you look at it it seems like a glamours job but its not exactly what it seems.

Here is my journey, the behind the scene truths, including the pros and the cons.

Its very easy to become a stripper, easier then i first thought. its a great idea for a job when you want to make some extra cash without having to be tied down to work schedules and everything else thats included in a everyday job. You can literally walk right in and ask for a job, you fill out a quick form where you have to think of a stripper name, something that completely tears you apart from your true identity. (Mine was bonnie) and there you go.

The first time i ever visited a strip club i was with friends and it was a laugh and a good night out however when you go to enquire about a job, you look at everything in a different perspective.

‘There is a tacky red carpet outside leading up to the entrance, beside the entrance are 2 petrol run fire heaters it smells like paraffin and cigarette smoke. Theres 2 big bouncers at the door checking IDs. As i enter the building there is a deck made for taking entrance fees and a big red velvet curtain. As you go in the club its filled with stages with poles in the centre and each is surround by big long red sofas, theres a weird kind of smell but i cant explain what it is. Theres a long bar at one end and next to it another velvet curtain.’


Most clubs look the same on the inside, once you have been to one you have been to them all however talking in work terms they are not, some clubs charge you to work, its an upfront fee but then everything you take is yours, sounds alright but if the night is quiet then you can leave not even breaking even. The clubs i have worked in take 20% of the earnings you take at the end of the night, but all clubs pay cash in hand 🙂

The dressing room is full of half naked and even naked girls all getting ready before their shifts. Every wall is covered with mirrors and it smells like hair straighteners and numerous different scents of perfume all merging as one, and yeah as you might have guessed its not pleasant. There is 1 staff toilet, the seat is hanging off, its a mess, you might be wondering what goes on in there well let me tell you. The biggest thing you will find in a strip club especially amongst the dancers is cocaine. There is always a big que of girls outside this toilet if you know what i mean.

What happens during a shift?

Once getting ready you head back upstairs and wait for clients, customers guests i have no idea what to call them really. Most of the clientele you do get are business men, older guys, married guys,  stag parties and only just turned legal aged guys. Sometimes you do get couples but thats rare.  So now you wait… never buy your own drink, everything on the bar including bottled water is wayy over priced and you don’t get a staff discount, instead you are encouraged to get the customers to buy them for you.

Once people start to arrive usually at around 11pm-12pm (baring in mind your shift starts at 8pm) There are rules to follow.

  • First rule – Never approach a guy thats already been approached my another stripper.

As you can probably guess, as soon as guys enter through that red velvet curtain after paying their entrance fee all the girls go flocking.. so it is quite hard to compete.

  • Second Rule – Never steal another girls man.

This one sounds a bit cliché but if you join in with their conversation and he decides he would rather have a private dance from you instead, this is a clear invitation for a fight. The safest bet is to wait until someone approaches you however if you do that, you wont make a lot of money.

As you can see its not easy, you have to compete against other strippers all night, you have to have your wits about you and you also have to convince people once you do start up a conversation to part with their money and its not cheap!

Entrance free – £10

Lap dances are usually £20 per song, 3-4 minuets, £50 – approx 20 minuets, £110 –  approx an hour, so as you can see its quite an expensive night out, also depending on the girls your dance will be shorter or longer as no one keeps proper track of the timing.

Once you have interest, you take your client to the bar, he pays the bartender and they give you a card, each card is different in colour depending on how long each dance is, you have to keep these safe as you hand them in at the end of your shift to get paid. This is a lot harder then you think considering your in your underwear so always carry a little hand purse with you. You take the guy or girl down the stairs to the private dance booths, every stripper wears huge heals so walking up and down steep stairs all night again isn’t easy.

Once in the private dance booths each paid private dance is completely naked, before you even start working as a stripper you have to choreograph your own dance routine, these have to last between 2 minuets to an hour long. (again not easy.) At this point you start your lapdance. Straddling, Grinding, Humping, Rubbing, Rolling around on the floor and even sometimes fingering yourself (you have all seen it on Grand Theft Auto :p) Those are just some description words to vaguely describe what is involved in your dance. The guy is not allowed to touch you, mostly i made them sit on their hands but you are completely vulnerable at this point. You do get some creeps who don’t listen and try it on but just remember that your heels are your best friends and self defence weapon should you need it.


Once the guy has ‘cumed’ in his pants (and yeah you will be surprised at how often that happens) You tell him his time is up and to leave while you get ready and head back upstairs to start it all over again. Sometimes you will get a creep who gets over protected of you, and doesn’t let anyone else have a dance from you and he’s not paying either in this situation you more than likely have to ask the bouncers to get rid of them, otherwise you will leave your shift empty handed.

Most of the conversations you have with people are people trying to find out information about you. Never give your real name or tell them anything personal. You have to have a good imagination to come up with a completely fake life and stick to it, otherwise you will have hundreds of creeps stalking you all over social media.

You have to put up with a lot of abuse also. Some nights you will get people in that just call you ugly! a whore and they are downright rude to your face. As you might have guessed this isn’t easy for you to endure night after night and it really does effect you mentally. I found working as a stripper more mentally difficult then physically which is why i’m writing about my experience.

During a shift you are expected to dance on the pole at least twice a night, some clubs even give you a £20 fine if you dont.

If a stag party arrives this is big money for anyone who can get in there, so to speak. I never did a stag party purely because the girls fight for them. I found that towards the end of the night around 2am -3am if there are still people in the club this is the easiest time to get your dances in, mainly because most of the other strippers are intoxicated and so that makes for a sloppy dance and no one wants that.

At the end of your shift usually at 4am you hand in all your cards they get counted then you have to wait for your pay out, this can take a while especially if its a busy night. A lot of guys will wait outside for you to leave, this is so they can take you home, because your a stripper they automatically think your a hooker. Some girls do go home with them but thats there choice i never did and i wouldn’t recommend it! its so dangerous. The best way to leave the club is to order a taxi before to leave and leave when it has arrived.

We come down to the pros and cons of the job.


  • You choose when you work, you ring up the day before or even the same day to inform your manager that you will be at work, No work schedules! 
  • Cash in hand at the end of your shift 🙂 Usually you make between £100-£200 a standard night, on a good busy night sometimes as much as £500-£600
  • Keeps you physically fit.
  • Free drinks all night if thats what your into.


  • Mentally draining. this is a big one and the reason i stopped. Its so hard to deal with mental abuse day in and day out.
  • People look down on you. 
  • Peer pressure to take drugs. If your not careful this can lead to addiction (read my other blog about cocaine) 
  • Sometimes people you have danced for see you out in the street and expect things from you. 

That just about concludes my Blog, please do feel free to read my next one on some of the stories i have to tell from some creepy people i have had to dance for, you don’t want to miss it! its funny and gross at the same time. Real life stories from real life Strippers.

I hope you have enjoyed reading 🙂 xxx

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