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Life is short.


Life is short and then you die, Only joking but life is short. Before you turn 18 your life is practically free and after well… thats when things start to get tough. You have to decide what is it you want to do with your life to make it that little bit more enjoyable. Will you go to College, University, or find yourself a job and start living in the real world.

Now if your anything like me you would jump from job to job trying to find what suits you and after a year or so you would get bored and want to move on. I needed more, more excitement something better, preferably with adventure thats when i decided to browse the internet for life changing job opportunities and i stumbled across Seasonaire jobs. Now most people don’t just jump into wanting to become a Seasonaire theres usually a reason why that person wanted to get up and leave everything behind because its not easy, leaving your friends, family and life as you know it in the past. Stepping out of your comfort zone is a big step. Every one is either running from something or towards something else, seasonal jobs are full of people who want to find themselves on the road to independence. Without any research into the jobs i took the leap and applied to loads of different tour companies and job titles, it was worth a shot…

Here is my story…

The diary of a Seasonaire – part 2


Happy reading

8 thoughts on “The diary of a Seasonaire – Part 1

      1. Its all good, sorry if It came across harsh, just had people take my work before. glad you liked it. Just pop a link under the post its in. if you wouldn’t mind, your diary posts are along the same lines as our blog and sharing is caring. 🙂


      2. no not at all i would be the same. Its ok i changed it, but i have read your blogs and they are similar 🙂 im glad someone else is out there sharing their experience of a seasonaire lifestyle, i will keep reading your blogs and see how your experience compares to mine i bet they are completely different 🙂 do you still do season jobs?


      3. Yeah its good to see how other people got on and the companies. Yeah we are just finishing our summer season then home for a month or so before Meribel this winter. How about you?


      4. awesome well enjoy the rest of your summer 🙂 i have never been to Meribel but i heard its great 🙂 i work in Les Deux Alps in the winter, but i don’t do summer seasons anymore. Im excited to read some more of your blogs so keep them coming 🙂


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