The Funny the Ugly and the downright creepy.

This job comes with its perks, you leave with some life changing stories to tell. Being a stripper you have to put up with some creepy people and their weird turn ons and fantasies.

Check out my other blog  What its really like to be a Stripper. to learn all the positives and negatives about the job, whats expected of you and what the job entails. 


Creepy Story – I remember on my first night on the job, i was soo super nervous and was unsure about my private dance routine. A bunch of guys came in. All in their late thirties and all wearing suits, they had just come from a big conference meeting and were returning back to London tomorrow so decided to have a night out. I remember just sitting there really shy and just watching not knowing what to do. A guy approached me and we got chatting, eventually he asked me for a dance. I told him it was my first day and i’m sorry if my dance is not as good as others. He was totally fine with it. I lap danced for him. He then asked for another and another and another, i don’t know why it was the same routine every time as i didn’t know what else to do. Eventually he told me he had to leave, he had cumed in his pants and was super embarrassed. Just before he left he gave me a £20 tip and told me thanks then he whispered in my ear that i looked exactly like his daughter. OMG!! right so gross!! if i’d had known i would have never have danced for him.. I was contemplating whether or not to do this as a job but i made £200 on my first night, i couldn’t resist going back.


Weird story – Ok so i had been in work for 2 hours and not a single person had turned up yet it was a slow night. The first person to enter went to the bar got a bottle of water and sat down. He didn’t say anything to anyone, i got the impression he was a bit overwhelmed. A few of the girls approached him and tried to engage in conversation but he wasn’t interested. He stayed in the same place just staring for hours. Eventually he approached me and sat next to me. He asked me what my name was and went quiet, i just came straight out with it and asked him if he would like a dance he said yeah and off we went.  During the lap dance he started asking me loads of unusual questions like ‘where is the clitoris? Where is the G-spot? What does it do? How do you pleasure a woman?’ I started to think ‘ok this is weird….’ He basically wanted a sex education lesson from me, i humoured him and just went along with it. After he asked me if i could teach him to slow dance which i said no to. We arrived back in the lounge area and he told me he was getting married but he has never seen a naked woman before and he doesn’t want to disappoint his wife because he has no idea how to consummate his marriage. Awww cute right, heres where things get creepy he asked me if he could draw me? I said yeah sure if he liked not thinking he would actually do it, he came back the week after with a drawing of me completely by memory as no photos are allowed in the club. Unfortunately i don’t have it as i found it too creepy and disposed of it but it was spot on. 


Awkward story – One night one of my colleagues (lets say her name was Sarah) got approached by a married couple and it was their wedding anniversary. (sounds like a recipe for disaster already if you ask me 😛 ) The lady insisted on having a couple lap dance. My colleague asked ‘are you sure?’ and the lady was like ‘yeah 100%!’ so they paid for a 15 minuet dance. They paid £120 as you have to pay per person. Sarah started of by dancing for the lady first so she felt more comfortable however as soon as she switched to her husband she went crazy and stormed out! So the husband then had to finish the dance on his own. ( i wouldn’t want to be that guy, he probably got bollocked and it wasn’t even his idea)  


 Weird fetishes Working as a stripper you come across some weird fetishes most of them include feet. I remember in the middle of a lap dance a guy wanted to pay me an extra £10 for me to let him suck my toes and lick my feet, obviously i said no and he kept upping the price trying to persuade me to go along with it until i eventually asked him to leave. One of my colleagues had a similar experience. One guy paid for the VIP champagne lounge for £350 an hour this included a downstairs pool table booth. (super expensive i know) anyways he paid all this so that the dancer would play with his feet. However another colleague once told me about this creep she had, that tried licking her bum hole throughout her whole dance routine, all i can say is i’m glad it wasn’t me.


Over possessive customer There was this one guy who took a liking to me. He was small and weird looking, very skinny and always wore a suit. The first night i met him he kept wanting dances from me and i must have made about £200 just from him, however he was very clingy and wouldn’t like to talking to any other guy, which was fine i didn’t mind as long as he kept paying me. (You see time is money as a stripper, you have to learn to make a lot of money in a short amount of time) anyway… He returned everyday asking for me and he wouldn’t leave me alone, he wanted the ”girlfriend experience” and he even stopped paying me for dances, he used the excuse that he was starting to respect me now and he felt it was wrong. Fair enough except every time i tried to do my job he would get over protective and square up to the other guys putting them off. I went 2 whole nights not making any money because of him! He had completely fallen in love with me, and i have no idea how that happened. He tried adding me on Facebook, and kept trying to find out information about me from the other dancers. (This is why its best no one knows your real name) I took a week away from the club, and when i returned the bouncers informed me he was in everyday looking for me. It got so bad that i couldn’t do my job and had to get the bouncers to bar him from coming in.  Lets say about a month later, i’m not exactly sure, i was out with some friends and he noticed me in the street, i pretended i didn’t know what he was talking about but he still followed us all night. 


I saved the weirdest, most awkward till last, this is the reason i decided to leave this job, I left work one night and just never went back. Don’t get me wrong you get plenty of people trying things on with you during a dance, trying to finger you, bite you slapping you, they treat the dancers like their a piece of meat but this story was what did it for me and i called it quits.

I was dancing on the pole when i group of 5 guys came in, all different ages, i wasn’t sure if they were a stag do or just a group of friends, they were drawn to me and starting tipping me £10 to dance on the pole. After i sat next to them and started chatting a few of the girls came over too. I got chatting to what turned out to be a father and his son, his son was getting married and had never been to a strip club so they thought they would pop his strip club cherry before the old ball n chain. The father then asked me if he could have a dance from me with his son. My first thought was ‘this is a bit weird who would have a joint dance with the dad?’ but of course i said yes as its easy big money dancing for couples or groups. We went down to the dance room and they had paid for the one with the pole in the middle a half an hour dance. (I made £160 just for this one dance) Things were going good, the guys were enjoying them selfs however it got dark quite quickly. The father held me on his knee and started trying to push his fingers inside me as his son watched. I slapped him in the face but he seemed to like this and he became more forceful. The bouncer finally turned up after seeing the behaviour on the CCTV and took the guys away. I was left there to get ready and i felt so violated and disgusted and emotional i just wanted to go home. I spoke with the manager and he informed me that if i left in the middle of my shift i wouldn’t get paid so i waited it out, every dance there after was awful for me. I left that night and never went back. 


I have had plenty of good times – I learned to pole dance 🙂 I kept myself fit and my body has never looked as good as it had then, I learnt to love my body and the way i looked, which is a big step for a lot of girls now a days with all the photoshopped images they see everyday. 

And bad times working in a strip club-  sometimes you could have a good night and leave £200 richer and feeling great and other nights could be a bad night and you leave mentally drained and emotional. . However this job does play on your emotions and its not just an easy money maker like i first thought. 

If your considering this as a career or just a quick way to make extra money to help you with bills and stuff then i don’t not recommend it, one of my friends have been doing this job for over 10 years and she loves it. I’m just saying look at what could happen, read my previous post to get an insight to the goings ons and just think are you mentally strong enough/ ready for it. I wasn’t but this job has made me more strong and made me a better person maybe if i didn’t go through what i did i might not be the person i am today, but hey who knows….


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