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Moving on.


I have found myself stuck in a rut, everyday i wake up at noon, eat, and get ready for work. I walk up the same street i have been walking for about 6 years now. I go to the same bus stop, get on the same bus with a different driver (how come all public transport smells like rotten cabbage anyway) and i go to work. As much as i love my job, i work in a bar by the way, in the city centre, i need something more. Its a great job and the people i work with are more of my family then my actual family also the regulars are incredible who i now consider as my close friends but its  ‘the same shit different day’ as the saying goes and its driving me crazy. I know theres something better out there i can’t be a bar maid for the rest of my life. 

Its 4am and I’m just getting home from work, wow what a night i cant wait to go to bed, and start the day all over again. ‘‘yay’’….

Today is my day off and i think its about time i start looking for a new job, i have been at my current job for a few years now and i’m getting the itch to move on.

Hey wheres my laptop.. ok so where do i start? what do i want to do?  I suppose i will apply for any job available near me. I don’t want to be another bar maid or waitress but maybe a change of scenery might help for a year or 2 anyway. So i have applied for the bog standard jobs again, you know the ones, waitress, bar maid, shop assistant, all the boring jobs that you don’t need a qualification for, the ones that never get back to you. I have even updated my CV that took me about 3 hours, no kidding, its such a drag. I am going to hand them out tomorrow on my way to work, lets see where this gets me hey…

In a desperate need for a new job i started messaging my friends to see if they knew of anywhere who’s recruiting. No luck. I browsed online at some Seasonal jobs and thought what the heck theres no harm in applying, i applied for a bunch in Europe as i later discovered Seasonaire jobs in the USA as super expensive for about a 3 months working experience (like Camp America to name one.)

Months went by and still i hadn’t heard anything from anyone, how can this be possible? I was starting to loose hope, i’m sure you have all been there at some point. Job hunting is so tedious. After 2 months i received an email from one of the holiday companies i applied for, asking if i could attend a group interview 🙂 my stomach was full of butterflys while reading this, i couldn’t believe it. Of course i was going to attend the interview 🙂

To be continued… The Diary of a Seasonaire – Part 3

Read the first chapter of – The diary of a Seasonaire – Part 1 here.


Happy reading

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