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The Interview


Its the day of my interview and i am super nervous, I am wearing smart black suit trousers with matt black 2 inch heals, a white shirt with a black waist coat and all natural makeup. It took me ages to shop for these type of clothes, i have never looked so smart in my life. I take with me a black handbag and its contents consist of a note pad, 2 pens, an apple, my purse and phone (on silent obviously) and a metal panel with some custom work i had done at college (all will be explained later) I order a taxi to the hotel where the interview is being held, and before i walk through the door my heart is beating super fast!

I am greeted by a receptionist who hands me a name badge and points me in the right direction of where i need to go. The corridors are like mazes and i’m afraid of getting lost. Eventually i walk into this large lounge area, it has a huge pendulum in the middle of the ceiling, and then i look around me and its full of people. Maybe about 200 in total.

I start to feel a bit stupid as i feel overdressed, it seems i am the only one who made a huge effort on my appearance. We were all standing around for about 15minuets, no one was talking, and i soon realised everyone was just as nervous as myself. Eventually a man and woman walk in wearing the uniform of the company we have all applied for. Because its a summer season job we are interviewing for they split us up into groups of job titles. Beach team – everyone thats applied to teach Sailing, wind surfing, water skiing and wake boarding. Next we had the Active team – Bike guides, Fitness instructors, life guards, kids club nannies and entertainers. Then we have the Hospitality team – Bar tenders, chefs and waiting staff. This is the group i was put into as i had applied for a bartender position. I didn’t realise how many jobs there were.

There was about 60 people in my group and we all got herded into this little conference room. At the front of the room there was a huge projector with a slideshow presentation telling us all about the company we were applying for and what its like to work for them. We had 2 hosts who seemed quite nice. Again everyone was super nervous and not talking to anyone and to make matters worse the hosts informed us that only half the people will get a job as theres only about 30 job positions available. We all got told prior to the interview to bring something of worth and meaning in with us as we would have to present it to the group.  This was the first icebreaker. We had to stand up say our name, and interesting fact about ourselves and then present our item. A lot of people obviously didn’t make any effort and just used their phones saying its very important to them, however like i mentioned in my bag contents i brought a A4 sized metal panel with some custom work on it. In college i did custom car mechanics that consisted of panel beating, fixing damaged paintwork, scratches and dents and in my 3rd year we got to play around with some airbrushing, pin striping and custom work.

Hi my names Amy, I am 26 years old. My interesting fact is – I like to be different from the crowd. For example, when everyone in school was going to study hair and beauty at college i decided to study car mechanics but the body paint and refinishing side as i have a passion for art, but want to express this in a different way rather then your bog standard pen to paper, this brings me to the item i have brought along with me today.

4894_218699485528_2121185_nIts important to me because it consists of my favourite movies and my favourite band (at the time) combined into one piece. I had also put a lot of time, effort and planning into this piece, and i was very passionate about my college work. I also waited for hours after attending a Wednesday 13 gig to get it signed by the band 🙂 I am quite proud of what i achieved hence why i brought it as my presentation, Thank you’

I cant even begin to tell you how nervous i was, standing up and public speaking to a group of strangers all competing for a job, but i knew thats what the company was looking for so i couldn’t let my nervousness show. Next up they had us perform some group exercises to get us chatting to each other. The one i remember was they gave us loads of lolly pop sicks and blue tack and we had to build the biggest tower within 10 minuets. My group didn’t win. When it came to lunch, again everyone went quiet, with me being from Manchester i knew the area so i offered to take people to a cafe close by for lunch if they liked, i think this gave of a good impression to our hosts.

After lunch we had to sit through some more presentations and some more group exercises but eventually we got to the one on one interviews. Mine was dead last as some people had flown over from Ireland and Scotland just for the interview so they had planes to catch. After watching people come and go it was 5pm by the time i had my one on one interview. There were 2 people conducting the interview and the layout was of something that looked like auditions on Britains got talent. which i thought was a bit bizarre. They asked all the standard interview questions like- what experience did i have in the job i was applying for? why do i want to work for their company? What did i know about the company? (luckily i had a look at the programme as to where they operate, so i knew the countries and resorts they were based) and they asked me some scenario questions. After they told me they will be sending out an email if i am successful with further details.

I left feeling mentally drained and tired but i felt things went well.

I waited weeks for a reply you know like you do when applying for any job constantly checking emails to the point it becomes an obsession anxiously awaiting to hear something, anything. I was on my way to work at my standard bar job in Manchester ‘same shit different day’ as the saying goes, it was my birthday and i was sat on a busy smelly bus thinking how i wish things were different, craving some sort of excitement I’m sure a lot of you can relate to. I checked my emails and was shocked to see there in my inbox the email i was waiting for. My heart skipped a beat as i opened it and began to read. 

Dear Amy, 

                   We are pleased to inform you that your interview was a success and we would like to offer you the following job role:

Bartender – Greece, Lemnos. 

Start date;  19th April 2015 – 5th October 2015

Please reply with confirmation. We will be sending out flight details a bit closer to the time.

We look forward to seeing you enjoying your summer season.

Kind regards 

Yes!!! I rang my mum and told her the good news 🙂 she was happy for me and not happy at the same time, as she knew with this job i would be working away from home for 6 months. I arrived into work and i was excited to tell my work colleagues, but it was one of the hardest things i have ever had to do, as i have mentioned in a previous blog my work colleagues were more of my family then my actual family so telling them i had a new job and handing in my notice was very difficult for me.

I had to wait 3 months for my next email including flight details, i was beginning to think they had forgotten about me.

To be continued… The Diary of a Seasonaire – Part 4


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